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Arnold’s Tree Service, Inc. consists of a dynamic group of individuals united by our core values, the drive to exceed expectations from our customers and our respect for trees and nature. Our team members not only push one another to excel at our craft, but also cultivate the character qualities that makes us who we are. We care about the health of the trees we work on; therefore, our techniques are mainly “new" school with a dash of “old”.


More and more high school graduates are going to college, we want you to think about being a trendsetter and choose a trade job. If you’re looking for a career as an arboricultural professional or general tree worker and want to climb the trees with us, ATS will work with you to help you achieve your goals. We offer a Tree Care Apprentice program through the Tree Care Industry Association and a climbing safety class through Tree Climber’s International. When you succeed, we succeed!


Tree Climber Member


Tree climbers, bucket truck operators and ground personnel. Minimum one to three years experience. Must have clean valid drivers license CDL a plus. We provide high quality tree care for commercial and residential clients. 

Duties include, but not limited to: 

  • Climbing as needed utilizing safe and proper techniques

  • Maintaining and mobilizing equipment

  • Operating chainsaws and pole saws

  • Operating a chipper

  • Roping

  • Provides aerial support

  • Assists in site cleanup and traffic control

Wage Range: $17-25/hour depending on experience, work ethic and personal drive

Ground Crew Member


Supports all crew operations and provides a smooth flow to task completion.


Duties include, but not limited to: 

  • Maintaining and mobilizing equipment

  • Driving chip truck while pulling chipper

  • Operating a chipper

  • Assisting as needed with roping

  • Fueling chain saws, chipper, etc.

  • Provides aerial support

  • Assists in site cleanup and traffic control

Wage Range: $15-20+/hour depending on experience, work ethic and personal drive

Hiring Criteria:

  • High school diploma

  • Valid drivers license, ability to obtain Commercial Drivers License

  • Recommended experience in outdoor labor, including agriculture/excavating/landscaping

  • No drugs or alcohol use

  • Self-motivated, show up on time everyday, have a good attitude and get along well with customers and co-workers.

  • Ability to follow directions and work pro-actively and in a SAFE and time efficient manner.

  • No allergies to bees, hornets, ants, etc.


  • We are a professional employer you can count on with a high level of integrity.

  • We offer training courses to increase your value to the company (safety climbing school, Tree Care Apprentice program, books and tree care trade magazines, etc.).

  • Competitive compensation with opportunity for advancement.

  • All jobs with ATS require steel toe work boots. ATS will reimburse you 50% of your work boot purchase after 90 days of employment.

  • If you need a specific piece of equipment, ATS will take the request under advisement.

  • When customers tip, the tips are shared by all employees working that day equally (not by management).

If the company exceeds its financial target in a quarter, management will determine if a flat bonus will be provided to employees.

How to Apply:


  • Send an email with your resume and/or description of your skills, qualifications and why ATS should hire you, to

  • Call us at 708-946-1305 and leave a message with your name, phone number and that you are applying for work.

Member: Crete Area Chamber of Commerce and Beecher Chamber of Commerce

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