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More reasons to choose Arnold's Tree Service as your tree care specialists:

Certificate of insurance provided upon job acceptance when requested

This gives the home/business owner peace of mind. Should anything unforseen happen on or to your property during the job, you are covered.


Our policy is with The Cincinnati Insurance Co. through Bradish Associates LTD, Jonathan Pruett, Agent 847-259-2400.


All of our off road equipment is insured with The Cincinnati Insurance Co. through Bradish Associates LTD.



All of our on road equipment is insured through The Cincinnati Insurance Co. through Bradish Associates LTD.


Our workers are covered under the Illinois Worker's Compensation laws, so if a worker is injured on your property you are not liable. Therefore, you will not end up in court.

*Go to:

  • Click on Employer Insurance Coverage Search

  • Accept the Disclaimer

  • Enter the Coverage Date:  1-1-2019

  • Enter the name of the company you are searching for:  "ARNOLDS TREE SERVICE"

  • Select Search

  • Click on the search result


We encourage all customers to call the insurance company for the tree service they choose to work for them and verify the company has Worker's Compensation Insurance. It just takes a quick call to their insurance agent to verify coverage for your own protection.


Our WC policy is with Insurance Company of the West Group Insurance Co. through Schatz & Associates, Bernie Schatz, Agent 847-356-1520. We welcome you to call Bernie's office to verify our WC coverage.

Member: Crete Area Chamber of Commerce and Beecher Chamber of Commerce

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